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Videos for Silvia Nakkach and David Darling | December 2014
Fresh release of new videos for two gorgeous tracks on the 57th Grammy nominated album In Love and Longing by acclaimed composer and vocalist Silvia Nakkach and Grammy Award-winning cellist David Darling. They beckon us into a moving journey: Nakkach's spiritually profound vocals in dialogue with Darling's luminous cello merge to immerse us in a powerful experience of deep listening and emotional release.
Luar video - Silvia Nakkach & David Darling
Alma Divina video - Silvia Nakkach & David Darling
Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History | December 19, 2014 - April 19, 2015
Quantum Tunneling will be part of the Everybody's Ocean, an exhibition investigating our shared relationship with the sea that gives form to our humanistic obsessions with the ocean and its many cultural narratives. Curated by Justin Hoover.
Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History
Live Performance at SC Museum of Art & History | January 2, 2015
As part of the opening night of Everybody's Ocean, I will be performing a live set to new videos by myself and Krystof Pesek, related to the show's water theme.
Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History
Virtual album release on FIBRR Records | 2014
My full-length album, Gradient Wake, is online and free! Collaborating musicians are Suki O'Kane, Giselle Eastman, Christopher Willits, Kent Jolly, Hilary Reed, Christopher Eickmann, Jordain Wallace and Jonathon Ganzmann. I hope you enjoy! Spread the word, share the music...
Gradient Wake/FIBRR Records
GIASO at Htmlles Festival, Montreal | November 13, 2014
Performance as part of the Great International Audio Streaming Orchestra which uses a bidirectional multiplex platform to perform and mix different audio sources via streaming. Over the time of the performance, streams are re-made ​​in the ‘local’ space using a system based on mixing multiple audio-streams through a spatial diffusion.
San Francisco Cinematheque | November 2014
I am excited to have joined the Board of Directors for Cinematheque and working to support their incredible experimental film programs.
SF Cinematheque
YBCA In Community Tenderloin, San Francisco | Sept-Nov, 2014
Worked with Julie Tolentino's community engagement project as a video artist to create a video installation featuring LYRIC Youth participants. Based on Tolentino's Raised By Wolves.
Julie Tolentino
Antimatter Film Festival, Victoria, BC | Oct 17, 2014
Quantum Tunneling screened at one of my top favorite experimental media arts festival.